'65 Dodge Deora

Half concept-car, half custom, the Dodge Deora was designed by former GM designer Harry Bentley Bradley for the famous car customizers the Alexander brothers who wanted to build a radical pick-up.Seduced by Bradley's drawings, Chrysler agreed to provide a stripped down A100 truck. The final design shares almost nothing with the original donor car. It is very sleek and integrated with no shutlines. To actually get passengers inside, Bradley proposed a complex rotating front-opening hatch built using a chopped rear window from a 1960 Ford station wagon. Other Ford parts were also used around the car such as the rear window from a ford sedan, or the side vents, actually bezels from a mustang taillight, and taillights from a thunderbird. Chrysler didn't notice a thing. Presented at the 1967 Detroit Autorama, the Deora won nine awards and became one of the sweet 16 in the original 1968 Hot Wheels range.