found in an old folder

Im quite busy these days and dont really have time to post fresh stuff.
But I found this illustration that I did a few years ago during the RCA.
Ok, there is a bit too much of photoshop textures, but I thinks shes still has got some attitude!
A great mix of the coolest things:
nissan cube, gulf paint job, black rims...

Another awesome design with gulf paint job is that chair from Laisr:  


Maserati KHAMSIN

I am slowly falling in love again with these edgy cars... theres something so attractive and timeless about it. And well, it just takes 10 minutes to render on photoshop with the sharp selection tool :-D, perfect for a lazy friday!

Polygonalizationedly White

That one was inspired by 3 things:
- The 1st one is a Lambo Reventon that I painted white on ps3. I discovered the reventon in a whole new light and I finally love it!
- The 2nd one is Kavinsky who was playing loud in my headphones
- and the 3rd thing is probably the vodka that remains in my blood from my heavy night out at Neon Noise Project on saturday
- and the other 3rd thing is that ubercool mask by Jorge Aguilar, that I wish I had for halloween.

DIgital Art

Some inspiring work from Sophie Kahn

Nano's grandma

the return of the Cyclops


Sweet resurrection of a 1920s hybrid cycle.
I love these white tyres!!