Chuck Norris Karate Corvette

 and a little bonus

Toyota 2000 GT Endurance

In October 1966 the 2000GT proved its class in an endurance run of 78 hours. In those 78 hours the 2000GT broke 13 international records and 3 world records in the 1500 - 2000 cc class, the 72 hours record (with an average of 206.02 km/h), the 15,000 miles record (with an average of 206.04 km/h) and the 10,000 miles record (with an average of 206.18 km/h).

Ferrari 250 on the streets

'78 Lamborghini Faena by Frua

You dream of an Espada but your 2 kids and the dog are stopping you? Here is your answer.
This gorgeous Lamborghini was a one-off designed by Carozzeria Pietro Frua.
An Espada was used as a donor car, the wheelbase was stretched by 180mm giving room for a second pair of doors. Presented 30 years before the Estoque, its the very first 4-door Lamborghini.

Reventon mapping

'86 Black Moon Rising - Concordia II

This the Concordia II starring in the cheesy "Black Moon Rising" with Tommy Lee Jones.