Kioa model

The final model. 2.5m high, 1.7m long... I had the chance to be sponsored by Nissan Design europe who helped me to create some of the parts. I had to learn Alias, and do a 3D model in just 2 months...The hull is 2/3 milled, 1/3 rapid prototyping.
The wood is real mahogany, cut from 3D datas, home made deck, steel mast elliptical section,
sail made by a textile student at the rca (thanks helga), and lots of RP details...
took ages to complete...


Some illustrations, having fun on painter....


My degree project at the RCA. I wanted to explore something new so I ended up working on a sail yacht. Actually I have done anything but cars there... I got really inspired by nautical forms and architecture. A timeless mix of modernism and traditions.

hello people! I finally decided to create my design blog.
I will post some sketches, and drawings, illustrations and probably some random stuff as well.
Hope you'll enjoy it, feel free to comment