'13 Lexus LF-NX

If a Transformer took a dump, it would look like this.
What a ridiculous disgusting pile of sh*t!


  1. Retarded.They'll sell millions.

  2. huglies oiece of steal i ever seen in my life!

  3. WTF!!! And I thought the Pontiac Aztec was fugly. Well actually I still do but this ranks right up there with it.

  4. Not such a disgusting pile of shit! Yes overloaded with shapes and lines, very complicated, defenetely could have been resolved better, but somehow has something interesting...at least they have the balls and dare to do and show something diferent in an industry of almost same looking cars...

  5. It might have a few interesting features and sharp details, but how often do you look at a car with a magnifying glass? Applying crazy shapes to the body doesnt make it "different", it's just a new look applied to the same old package. Real innovation comes from new ideas. This is just trying to be different for sake of it... and its just god damn awful!

  6. Haha...OK, i agree it is not the most attractive looking twisted metal box, not completely by my taste as well but i still find it interesting :) I can not say innovative as well even if they describe it so in the presentation of the exterior, by "different" i meaned the outer skin shapes, the look of the car compared to so many same lookng cars and this makes it very "different" even from pure styling point of view. If you don't mind i will add something regarding innovation...Real innovation comes when people dare to apply the new ideas...even though quite often the new ideas are well forgotten old ones.


    Flavien, your blog is quite cool! I dont know how you are managing to find some of the cars you have here but please keep on doing it. It is a great source of inspirational material!



  7. Cheers Deyan!
    Its getting tough to keep it going between, this blog, Cardesignnews articles and my job, my time is getting very tigh!
    I will keep doing it as long as I can :D


  8. this IS a pile, I actually photoshopped it down into a car by removing the lower 3 feet and removed about 4 concepts and THEN it looked OK, I'll dig it up, but this really looks like a car that was stretched up, that Lexus grille is awful.....BTW, love the blog Flavien!