'67 Ginetta G4 speed record


  1. Quite incredible, my old G4 LOP863F, it looks significantly different from when I built it from a kit, bought directly from Ginetta at Witham in 1967. In those days it had a different bonnet with pull up headlamps. I had the Ford 1500cc non X Flow engine, but that engine was tuned by Ralph Broad, when he was in Birmingham on the Stratford Road. It was a little flyer and could out drag E Types and Jensens. Great fun. It cornered like the tyres were Araldite. I still have a number of photos from those days. Absolutely phenominal to see it again. Posted by Russ Madden, still Ginetta-ing.

    1. I recently purchase some of the parts from your car that were removed to prep the car for it's current state. I would love to see some pictures of our it looked originally.