'65 Pininfarina Alfa romeo Giulia 1600 Tubolare Zagato (TZ)

No word is powerful enough to describe how beautiful this Alfa is. It is a one-off evolution of the original TZ but 70kg lighter. It was penned by the Pininfarina's long-time designer Aldo Brovarone. It does not take much imagination to see that the design was a front-engined version of the Ferrari Dino concept shown that same year. Shown for the first time in almost 50 years at the 2010 Villa d'Este and is now own by a lucky japanese owner.

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  1. Zagato! Best designer of his days and of all times I think!
    One of the Alfas in this presentation was being remodeled when I was looking for a classic, could not buy it because it was not ready yet, so I bought the Maserati Mexico instead... But the Alfa, oh, it was beautiful!
    Pietro Corsi