Gran Turismo 5 Photomode

GT5 is incredibly frustrating!  The 800 "standard cars" are a copy/paste from GT4, 
except you cannot change wheels anymore, or design your dream garage like on Forza...
Its a great simulation in a boring game.
Im slowly getting over this frustration and had a quick play in the Photomode which is also quite limited,
but I am hugely impressed!! More classic shots to come ...


  1. Thats Gran Tourismo for you I guess; vast hype, terrible menus, horrific music, oddly limited customisability, awful in-game sound FX, endless loading screens, retarded AI, inconsistently detailed models, and vast, hilarious dollops of physics-based fun.
    Maybe they'll patch the crapper aspects in DLC. Which is probably scheduled for release in 2019.

  2. the meantime you could get a real car??