Want it


  1. One of the coolest Toyota ever...
    Keep it in good condition! ;-)

  2. More PICS please

  3. I had one of these back in the late 80's early 90's I loved it so much Im trying to talk my 16year old daughter into buying one :)

  4. Enorme!!!!;);)
    Hey Flav'!! You know what? Just bullshit, but, I just got a small "Hotwheels" Toyota Celica 70', as I really like it. I said ok just go into google pics to get some good pictures in mind! And then first nice photo I found... Is this one, and I see Flavien Dachet, KarZnShit!!! Ahahahhaah!!! Superb!!!!!;);) I obviously go on your blog and this is it!!!;);) Eheheh!!! Ooohhh come on I'd like the same too!;)
    The little Japanese American style!! So cool!! Live it too!
    Anyway cheers mate!
    See you!;)++