Kioa model

The final model. 2.5m high, 1.7m long... I had the chance to be sponsored by Nissan Design europe who helped me to create some of the parts. I had to learn Alias, and do a 3D model in just 2 months...The hull is 2/3 milled, 1/3 rapid prototyping.
The wood is real mahogany, cut from 3D datas, home made deck, steel mast elliptical section,
sail made by a textile student at the rca (thanks helga), and lots of RP details...
took ages to complete...

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  1. I really love this work, one of favorites to come out of RCA. Do you have any more detail on the design? Such as how was the sail made exactly. You use a lot of natural materials which is what I like and what I am planning to use in my final year id project. Email me